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Want to Energize Your "Scale Up" and Growth Efforts? Join a Graphics House The Big Guys Use...

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From the desk of JayKay Bak

Dear Smart Marketer,

Likely you have discovered, or are discovering, the current Buzz and one of the keys to Niche Marketing Money is the "Need and Ability to Scale Up" your linkbuilding and marketing exposure. And, one of the most powerful tools is building more websites that you own or control, right?

No matter if you are building linkwheels, going wide across multiple keywords, or going vertical to own pages one and two of the Big G, you know the benefits of building more sites for more traffic and more money. In short, Scaling Up using Web 2.0's, top-level domains, and mini-sites; who wouldn't want more?

But, sooner or later, we all start to run short on time, and even creativity, while still trying to keep all these sites at least a bit unique, attractive, and fresh looking. Now we look at getting efficient, and even outsourcing.

Most of us get pretty quick at putting up and tweaking a site or automating the task. But, beyond that and content, the constant need for graphics can eat into our time. And, outsourcing graphics can get expensive quick, even assuming you can find an affordable house that understands Niche Marketing.

Now, wouldn't it be nice if you could get a steady supply of quality graphics to kick-start your creative efforts? A source that's affordable despite quality and quantity? Or, one that also understands setting a tone and theme that will sell for you? Absolutely...

Unselfish Headers Delivers A Minimum Of 75 Niche Website Headers In 10-20 Niches Every Month!

Unselfish Headers

Scale Up or Branch Out While Keeping Your Quality Look

As Niche Marketers ourselves, we understand the boost and the benefits a Quality Header Image can bring to your efforts. A professional looking related header can transform a site, and can help you convert to longer visits, more opt-ins, more clicks, more sales and leads, and More Money!

A Quality Header Image can and should tell a story you want your visitors to see and even feel, shouldn't it? These Monthly Header Packs will achieve that goal.

There is NO LONGER a need to sacrifice quality or go broke to Scale Up your Marketing Efforts!!

Here's just a preview:

Example 10 Niche Set - Click Links to Preview Niche - JavaScript Required.

5 - Camping_Equipment
10 - Gasoline_Prices
10 - Saving _Energy
5 - Anger_Management
5 - Cheap_Car_Rental
10 - Forex_Trading
10 - Sinus_Infections
5 - Health_Insurance
5 - Child_Education
10 - E-Commerce_Shopping_Carts

Now, Imagine a Pack Like This Every Month!...

So... What Are The Specs And What Makes These Headers So Great?

The Specs:

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint A Minimum Of 75 Niche Website Headers In 10-20 Niches Every Month - No more Wasting Hours Surfing The Net For Header Graphics For Your Niche Sites. You will get a new kit EVERY MONTH! to Enter, Cover, or Build 10-20 Niches With!

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint Commonly used and easily scaled or cropped 700px x 150px canvas and image size at 75dpi resolution. They Look Good and Fit Good.

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint Delivered with both PSD and JPG - Edit the PSDs to suit your needs or desires with PhotoShop, Gimp (free), or other editor, and PSDs are the preferred choice if you outsource with these headers as a core. Maximum flexibility not usually found at other suppliers. Use the JPGs for light weight, quick loading.

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint User Rights Controlled Royalty Free Images That You're FREE To Use Anyway You Want On All Websites You Own. No Surprise Copyright/DCMA Letters Or Fines.

What Makes Them Great:

For starters, we've supplied and serviced the Niche Marketing Community in a variety of ways since 2006. Just do a search on the "Unselfish Marketer" brand. Through those years, we have supplied our members with headers, graphics, and templates, and much more to help build their online businesses. During that time, we listened. Here's what that means to you:

Unselfish Headers Membership Card

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint Niche Specific Graphics in High Activity Niches - We understand Niche Marketing and deliver graphics that fit the tone and convey a story or feel about the Niches you enter. Connect with your visitors subconsciously.

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint Reliable World Class Service With A Proven Record - A reputation of consistent over-delivery, complete with a user support forum.

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint An Exclusive Membership With an Exclusive Product - The only way to get access to these headers is by joining Unselfish Headers.

Unselfish Headers bulletpoint Consistent Quality and Variety at a Controlled, Affordable Price - No More Fivver Random Results, and No More Price Creep at $10 to $35 per Header With No PSDs.

Feeling Ready to Scale Up Your Efforts?... Every Month?... This Membership can get you moving Every Month!

OK, But How Much Does All This Cost??

This will amaze you. For months now, the "Unselfish Headers Monthly" offer has only been available to members of the "Unselfish Marketer Vault". Through this beta testing, we tweaked and improved the product according to the feedback.

Now, we are bringing this Membership Public. As we got closer to this day, we listened about costs too. And, while we could justify $15 per header, or even $5 each, we chose the monthly membership model because it helps all our members control costs.

You will not have to pay a dollar each or even 50 cents each because of this model either. You can get in on this Introductory Offer and Lock in Your Price at a silly and "unselfish" $17 per Month! billed monthly through PayPal. Further, if you stay with us for 14 months, your membership Automatically Upgrades to Lifetime FREE Access!! Stay as long or short as you want or need, and you can cancel at any time.

Full 100% Money Back GuaranteeMy "No Worries" guarantee is that I want you to feel happy and even proud of your investment

So, if anytime within the first 30 days (even on the 30th day), you're not absolutely overjoyed with what you receive then just let me know and I'll gladly give you 100% of your investment back.


Quietly and Promptly, No Questions Asked!

And that's a promise

Lock In Now At Just $17 per Month! For A Minimum Of 75 Niche Website Headers In 10-20 Niches Every Month!

Just Click The "Let Me In" Banner Below to Download Your First Pack Today!

To Your Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

P.S. You owe this level of support to yourself to kick-start your efforts. Start Today and Cancel at Any TIme.

P.P.S. Don't wait to long though. JayKay is known for unannounced price increases for new members and membership caps that are airtight. Order Now!

Earn 75% Recurring

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